What Have I Done? : Motherhood, Mental Illness & Me

What Have I Done? : Motherhood, Mental Illness & Me

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'Such a raw, honest and important book' Giovanna Fletcher

Like any new mum, Laura Dockrill felt rather overwhelmed after the birth of her son. But a slow recovery, sleepdeprivation and anxiety quickly escalated into postpartum psychosis, and she had to spend a fortnight in a psych ward, separated from her family. It was only when Laura began to put her ordeal into words that she began to find herself again, and recovery seemed within reach.

This is Laura's raw, honest and life-affirming story of how she made it through one of the most frightening experiences a mother can face. Now, she wants to break down the silence around postnatal mental health, shatter the idealised expectations of perfect motherhood, and show all new struggling parents that they are not alone.

Praise for What Have I Done?: 'This moving book was a pleasure to read and I didn't want to put it down. If anyone is going through a similar experience it will make them feel less alone' - Philippa Perry * 'A humbingly honest and human war report from the front lines of mothering psychosis and recovery; there is no other book like it, and it is so desperately needed' - Caitlin Moran * 'An incredibly powerful book. Brave, brilliant and so, so, important' - Jessie Ware * 'This book will give women and their families confidence that the brain and body will heal. It will encourage other women to speak out' - Dr Jessica Heron, CEO of Action on Postpartum Psychosis * 'An amazing read. A comfort to women recovering who read this and realise that all their crazy mad thoughts were the illness; and not themselves' - Fiona Telford, postpartum psychosis survivor

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