Unicorn Theory

Unicorn Theory

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One night after her parent’s separation a little girl manifests a Unicorn under her bed who takes her on adventures in space-time where the Unicorn reveals the secret science of using imagination to master emotions. Their travels restore the girl’s confidence and remind her never to lose the lessons of play. But as she gets older, a new crisis of pre-teen emotional upheavals threaten the magical balance, when the importance of play begins to compete with the need to fit in. Is she too old to call for her magical unicorn?

Sam Conniff is the author of Best Selling 'Life Bible' Be More Pirate, or How To Take On The World And Win and the ex-Founder and CEO of the international youth network; Livity. When his daughter asked him to write a book for her 8th birthday called Be More Unicorn, they then embarked on an adventure together, where he would capture their nightly discussions about her feelings on life, her thoughts about the future, her (now overcome) dislike of science and crucially her very clear ideas about the role of Unicorns. Unicorn Theory is the result of their shared imagination (mainly Scarlett's tbh) and their shared commitment to reminding each other of the importance of play.

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