This One Sky Day

This One Sky Day

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'A true feat of imagination and wonder.' - Nikesh Shukla * 'It blisters with life, love, grief and magic.' - Niven Govinden * 'Stunning.' - Kei Miller

Dawn breaks across the archipelago of Popisho. The world is stirring awake again, each resident with their own list of things to do: A wedding feast to conjure and cook. An infidelity to investigate. A lost soul to set free.

As the sun rises two star-crossed lovers try to find their way back to one another across this single day. When night falls, all have been given a gift, and many are no longer the same. The sky is pink, and some wonder if it will ever be blue again.

What readers are saying: 'Brimming with and life and love and just absolutely gorgeous writing. a one-of-a-kind novel.' * 'I couldn't put it down and I will be recommending it to everyone.' * 'A story luxuriously and confidently told, which is sumptuous from sentence to sentence. There is both literal and literary magic here.' * 'This book is bursting at the seams with beauty! Magic! Love! Imagination! It is a burst of colour and flame.' * 'It's hard to explain, but if you love getting lost in a story, this could be one for you.'

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