The Man Who Saw Everything

The Man Who Saw Everything

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LONGLISTED FOR THE BOOKER PRIZE 2019 * SHORTLISTED FOR THE GOLDSMITHS PRIZE 2019. 'An ice-cold skewering of patriarchy, humanity and the darkness of the 20th century Europe' - The Times

'It's like this, Saul Adler.' 'No, it's like this, Jennifer Moreau.'

In 1988, Saul Adler is hit by a car on the Abbey Road. Apparently fine, he gets up and poses for a photograph taken by his girlfriend, Jennifer Moreau. He carries this photo with him to East Berlin: a fragment of the present, an anchor to the West.

But in the GDR he finds himself troubled by time - stalked by the spectres of history, slipping in and out of a future that does not yet exist. Until, in 2016, Saul attempts to cross the Abbey Road again...

'A time-bending, location-hopping tale of love, truth and the power of seeing. Thoroughly gripping' - Sunday Telegraph * 'Writing so beautiful it stops the reader on the page' - Independent * 'Levy splices time in artfully believable, mesmerizing strokes' - Lambda Literary * 'Skewering totalitarianism - from the state, to the family, to the strictures of the male gaze - Levy explodes conventional narrative to explore the individual's place and culpability within history' - Guardian * 'An utterly beguiling fever dream' - Daily Telegraph

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