The Last Protector : Book 4

The Last Protector : Book 4

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From the No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author of The Ashes of London comes the next book in the phenomenally successful series following James Marwood and Cat Lovett.

A dangerous secret lies beneath Whitehall Palace . . .  Brother against brother. Father against son. Friends turned into enemies. No one in England wants a return to the bloody days of the Civil War. But Oliver Cromwell's son, Richard, has abandoned his exile and slipped back into England. The consequences could be catastrophic. James Marwood, a traitor's son turned government agent, is tasked with uncovering Cromwell's motives.

But his assignment is complicated by his friend - the regicide's daughter, Cat Lovett - who knew the Cromwells as a child, and who now seems to be hiding a secret of her own about the family. Both Marwood and Cat know they are putting themselves in great danger. And when they find themselves on a top secret mission in the Palace of Whitehall, they realize they are risking their lives...and could even be sent to the block for treason.

Praise for Andrew Taylor: 'One of the best historical crime writers today' - The Times * 'If you like C. J. Sansom, or Hilary Mantel, you'll love Andrew Taylor' - Peter James * 'Effortlessly authentic . . . gripping . . . moving and believable. An excellent work' - C. J. Sansom * 'This is historical crime fiction at its dazzling best' - Guardian * 'One of the best historical novelists around' - Sunday Times * 'A breathtakingly ambitious picture of an era' - Financial Times * 'A masterclass in writing for the genre' - Ann Cleeves * 'Andrew Taylor is one of our finest storytellers' - Antonia Hodgson * 'Vivid and compelling' - Observer * 'A novel filled with intrigue, duplicity, scandal and betrayal, whose author now vies with another master of the genre, C. J. Sansom' - Spectator * 'Taylor brings the 17th century to life so vividly that one can almost smell it' - Guardian * 'A most artful and delightful book, that will both amuse and chill' - Daily Telegraph

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