The Book Of Echoes

The Book Of Echoes

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'This impressive debut follows two young black lives... a beautifully written testament to oppression that reverberates across the centuries' - MAIL ON SUNDAY * 'A searing, rhapsodic novel. The Book of Echoes is filled with beauty, devastation and the power of ancestral connections that ripple through the ages' - IRENOSEN OKOJIE * 'RECOMMENDED DEBUT: A powerfully redemptive story of the resilience of love in the face of racism' - INDEPENDENT

Narrated by the spirit of an enslaved African, this is a searing debut about hope, redemption and the scars of history.

Over two hundred years ago in Africa, a woman tosses her young son to safety as she is hauled off by slavers. After a brutal sea passage, her second child is snatched away. Although the woman doesn't know it yet, her spirit is destined to roam the earth in search of her lost children.

It will make its way to 1980s Brixton, where she watches teenage Michael attempt to stay out of trouble as riots spit and boil on the streets; and to a poor village in Nigeria, where Ngozi struggles to better her life.. As the invisible threads that draw these two together are pulled ever tighter, The Book of Echoes asks: how can we overcome the traumas of the past when they are woven so inextricably with the present?

Humming with horror and beauty, Rosanna Amaka's remarkable debut marks her as a vibrant new voice in fiction. 'So bewitching I almost felt like I time-travelled back into Brixton 1981. A gorgeous book' - ALEX WHEATLE

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