Mostly Dead Things

Mostly Dead Things

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'Messed-up families, scandalous love affairs, art, life, death and the great state of Florida in one delicious, darkly funny package. Kristen Arnett is a wickedly talented and a wholly original voice' - Jami Attenberg

What does it take to come back to life? In the wake of her father's suicide, Jessa-Lynn Morton has stepped up to manage his failing taxidermy business while the rest of the Morton family falls apart. Her mother starts sneaking into the shop to make alarming art with stuffed animals; and while her brother Milo withdraws, his wife, Brynn - the only person Jessa's ever been in love with - leaves home without a word.

A string of unexpected incidents opens up the chance for the Mortons to mend: can they piece themselves together again? Kristen Arnett's breakout debut is a darkly funny family portrait; a peculiar, bighearted look at love and loss and the ways we live through them together.

'This book is my song of the summer' - Parul Seghal, New York Times * 'Wonderful' - Esme Weijun Wang, Guardian * 'Explores love, loss and death and is guaranteed to keep you gripped throughout' - Mirror * 'The writing is subtle and meditative, with the tactile weight of dense fur' - New Yorker

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