Kombucha, Kefir & Natural Sodas: A simple guide to creating your own

Kombucha, Kefir & Natural Sodas: A simple guide to creating your own

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This simple and stunningly photographed book explains the basics of brewing your own komboucha, kefir and natural soda - right from your very own home. Truly, this book couldn't arrive in your life at a better time. At this crucial moment of consumer awareness, many of us are starting to make better and informed choices about what we eat and drink - and we're given plenty more choice than in the years gone by.

The drinks section in all supermarkets and corner stores are now laden with healthier options which challenge the classic selection of commercialized, sugar-filled soft drinks of our youth. Today you'll find anywhere a whole range of naturally low-sugar, fermented alternatives such as kombucha, switchel and kefir - all healthy, gut-friendly drink options. These thirst-quenchers might seem too complicated to consider making yourself - but, in fact, fermented drinks are much easier to create at home than you might think.

That's the thing about fermentation... You just bottle it up and wait. This book contains 40 easy-to-create drinks that will not just save you money, but will make you feel great too! Recipes in the book include kefir, kombucha, grapefruit soda, cider, switchel and mead. You'll be a (mocktail) mixologist in no time!

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