Anti-Social : the Sunday Times-bestselling diary of an anti-social behaviour officer

Anti-Social : the Sunday Times-bestselling diary of an anti-social behaviour officer

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'Anti-Social is brutally honest, exceptionally funny and terribly sad - a scything indictment of broken 21st century Britain. I could not put it down.' THE SECRET BARRISTER'A fascinating insight into a job that stitches together the cracks in compassion in our communities' RENI EDDO-LODGE, bestselling author of Why I Am No Longer Talking To White People About Race 'Superb. This hysterically funny and moving memoir of an anti-social behaviour officer is a real eye-opener that hits all the right notes' FRANKIE BOYLE__________________Anti-Social is the diary of a local authority worker whose job it is to keep people happy, or at least away from each other's throats.

That's hard enough at the best of times, but when your day features secret hoarders, violent disputes over dance music and litigious arms dealers, the total breakdown of local society is never far away. The only thing keeping it together are the chronically underfunded officers charged with patching the fraying threads of civilisation, and they have a hard enough time keeping themselves together. This is an urgent, timely but, most of all, hysterically funny memoir of a life spent working with the people society wants to forget and the problems that nobody else can resolve.

This book will make you laugh, cry and boil with rage, all within a single sentence. Updated with a new chapter for the paperback edition__________________'Get this book ... I'm telling you now, you will absolutely love this guy, what he has to say and the book that he has written.

In equal parts devastating and dark and incredibly funny.' NIHAL ARTHANAYAKE 'Laugh-out-loud funny. The delivery is punchy and the humour dark - think Irvine Welsh minus the Scottish vernacular' EXPRESS 'Think Adam Kay's This is Going to Hurt but with more dead bodies ... It's a gloriously cynical read but it's also sympathetic and deeply empathetic.' KATHY BURKE 'Riveting and brilliantly written...

a potent cocktail of heartbreak and horror; wickedly funny, wearily endearing and absolutely enraging' CAROLINE SANDERSON, Bookseller 'A funny, thoughtful look into one of the toughest jobs I can imagine' SHAPPI KORSANDI'I absolutely loved it. It reads like a novel, has that page-turning quality everyone looks for in a good book but it delivers the punch that only true life can - funny obviously but with humanity and warmth for people at the edges of society most in need of our understanding and compassion' KIT DE WAAL, author of My Name Is Leon 'Brilliant. This deserves to be a huge success - funny, sad and heartbreaking' LORRAINE KELLY__________________Reader reviews for Anti-Social: 'The timing of this book could not be better''Politicians of all hues should be made to read this book' 'Readable and compulsive ''Well written and stunningly well observed' 'The author and all his long-suffering, dedicated colleagues deserve dustbin lid-sized medals ''It had me in stitches, it had me in tears ''Top-drawer stuff ...

utterly riveting' 'I don't often take the time to review books here, but would very much recommend Anti-Social.'

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