A Lonely Man

A Lonely Man

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'A remarkable debut; an accomplished and intricately plotted.' - JON McGREGOR * 'A Lonely Man is a delicate snare of a novel.' - BRANDON TAYLOR * 'A thrilling, unnerving novel. a page-turner with exacting syntax and emotional heft.' - CATHERINE LACEY * 'Impressively deft. A Lonely Man is a tense and taut work.' - BENJAMIN MYERS

Robert is a struggling writer living in Berlin with his wife and two young daughters. One night he meets Patrick, an enigmatic stranger with a sensational story to tell: a ghostwriter for a Russian oligarch - recently found hanged - who is now being followed. But is he really in danger? Patrick's life strikes Robert as a fabrication, but one that comes to obsess him. He decides to use the other man, and his story.

An elegant and atmospheric twist on the cat-and-mouse narrative, A Lonely Man is a novel of shadows, of the search for identity and the elastic nature of truth. As his association with Patrick hurtles towards tragedy, Robert must decide: are actual events the only things that give a story life, and are some stories too dangerous to tell?

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