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Win-Win : An Everyday Guide to Negotiating

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We all negotiate every day, yet few people ever learn how to negotiate. Those who do usually learn the old-school, adversarial approach that is only useful in a one-off negotiation where you will never see the other party again. However, such transactions are becoming increasingly rare because most of us deal with the same people repeatedly-our spouses and children, our friends and colleagues, our customers and bosses. We need to achieve successful results for ourselves while maintaining healthy relationships with our negotiating partners. In today's interconnected world, a win-win outcome is fast becoming the only acceptable result. This book will show you how to get that win-win. You will also learn how to:distinguish interests from positions and uncover hidden interestsuse negotiating alchemy to create value out of nothingappreciate the beauty of no on your way to yesforce your counterpart to consider your needsframe issues to your advantagerecognize when to make the first offermake and demand concessionsknow when to compromise and when to try for something betterdevelop a powerful Plan B so you cannot losemanage emotions, biases, and other psychological pitfallsuse common negotiating tactics and counter-tacticsovercome an impassenegotiate successfully with powerful counterpartsprepare for any negotiation using an eight-step templateand much more!

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