Killed in Brazil? : The Mysterious Death of Arturo "Thunder" Gatti-Hamilcar Noir True Crime Series-9781949590265

Killed in Brazil? : The Mysterious Death of Arturo "Thunder" Gatti-Hamilcar Noir True Crime Series

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...Tobin astutely looks at the varying possibilities that would have led to Gatti's death. Such an approach intelligently and respectfully piques interest in a real-life mystery that has left Gatti's fans and family in need of both solace and satisfactory answers.-Kirkus Reviews"[Tobin is] an intelligent writer and a thoughtful person, tender even, who writes with authority...I know he's invited me to a place I'd not have accessed without him."-Bart Barry,"Tobin's purpose is welcomely, deliberately, indefinite. Instead of a Shakespearean tragedy, or yet another bloody chapter of boxing's wider legacy...Tobin's document becomes a meditation on the human condition..."-Jack Porter, The SportsmanArturo "Thunder" Gatti hung up his gloves in 2007, closing the book on a boxing career that bordered on the mythical. At long last, he seemed ready to leave the business of blood behind for a long, happy life outside the ring. His retirement was celebrated-boxing's modern gladiator had earned his freedom. Two years later, he was gone-found dead in a hotel in Brazil under mysterious circumstances. He was only thirty-seven years old. Did he commit suicide? Or was he killed by his new wife?In Killed in Brazil?, Jimmy Tobin recounts the dramatic events surrounding Gatti's tragic demise and shines a light on what may have happened on that fateful night. Killed in Brazil is the fourth in the Hamilcar Noir series. Hamilcar Noir is "Hard-Hitting True Crime" that blends boxing and true crime, featuring riveting stories captured in high-quality prose, with cover art inspired by classic pulp novels. Perfect Gift For Boxing and True Crime Fans!Killed in Brazil?, combined with other books in the Hamilcar Noir series, makes a great gift for fans of stories about the darker side of boxing. Books in the Hamilcar Noir series also make for a great gift idea for true crime fans-whether they are a die-hard boxing fan or not, they will devour these quick reads and ask for more!

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