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Song in the Key of Madeleine

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Song in the Key of Madeleine is the story of the relationship between Madeleine and Shibu: two individuals from socially and culturally very different backgrounds. They meet when Shibu moves into Madeleine's house as her lodger. From the start it is clear they are attracted to each other, and soon they begin an affair. Before long, however, their burgeoning relationship is tarnished, as Shibu's religious beliefs and cultural expectations begin to clash with Madeleine's troubled past. The relationship offers the opportunity for growth and new beginnings, but it is also fraught with danger. For Shibu the threat of alienation from his community. For Madeleine the risk of falling prey to her childhood experiences. Will Shibu be able to disentangle himself from his beliefs and values? Is Madeleine capable of coming to terms with her past? Or will their differences divide them?

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