Shimamura's MARGE Model of Learning in Action-9781913622671

Shimamura's MARGE Model of Learning in Action

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Shimamura's MARGE model, described as a 'Whole-Brain Learning Approach for Students and Teachers', builds links between the areas of neuroscience, cognitive science and the practice of classroom teachers. Through discussing key ideas within the learning process - Motivate, Attend, Relate, Generate and Evaluate - Shimamura's MARGE is a valuable lens through which we can discuss learning. This book aims to bring the MARGE model to life through the use of case studies written by practising teachers, and examples taken from classrooms across a range of phases. Through taking each of the principles of MARGE in turn, this practical guide helps all teachers better understand how they can develop their practice and improve the impact they have with the students they teach.

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