Death at the Bridge Table : A Brogdale Murders Mystery-9781913567972

Death at the Bridge Table : A Brogdale Murders Mystery

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Beautiful and conceited Alicia Matcham leads us through an intriguing web of deceit in search of a killer who is, bizarrely, welcomed by her family. This exciting, gripping crime novel is full of suspense and delivers a thrilling final twist. Saturday 10 June 1933, and one of Charles's Whitten's bridge players collapses at the table, apparently from natural causes. Charles's youngest daughter Patty is convinced it's murder and pleads with her sister Alicia - a party girl with connections - to help discover the truth. Their brother William is a penniless drunkard, their mother ingenuous, Patty naive, their father Charles all bluff and bluster and then there is John the seductive butler. It feels as though Alicia is in one of the new Agatha Christie murders: there were four people in the card room, surely one must be the murderer?

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