The Ghost Car : ... and how it's haunting our congested cities-9781913567033

The Ghost Car : ... and how it's haunting our congested cities

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Gridlocked, asphyxiating cities. Looming climate disaster. A main cause of this nightmare is the conventional car and its basic design which is unchanged since its origin in the nineteenth century. 'The Ghost Car' is the fascinating story of a radically different type of urban car which could sweep away the traffic jams and the air pollution and energy wastage that go with them. The inventor, and author of this book, Edmund Jephcott, gave up an academic career in a determined bid to turn his idea into reality. He built a successful prototype which was presented to major car producers worldwide. The vehicle was well received by the public and press. Yet... the traffic jams are still there, along with the ever-_worsening weather events and fears of some ultimate catastrophe. Why? This book gives the answer, and readers of it might never look at existing cars in the same way again.

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