Skye Stories Volume 2 : The Road to Uig-9781912969203

Skye Stories Volume 2 : The Road to Uig

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Five years for an adult, passes in five minutes. Five years for a kid is a lifetime. An attempted bike stealing incident in Glasgow when Raymond Moore was 13 led to him living in Linicro on the Isle of Skye with his Great Granny and Great Aunt. His family stayed in the city whilst his life changed on the island. Skye Stories tells the adventures he had growing up: the girls he fancied, the sheep he worried and the music he loved. The story of this time is told in Skye Stories Volume 1: The Linicro Years. Although the books are about Skye and his love for the island, the account of his experiences and emotions will strike a chord with people who have never been near there. Skye changed the author's life forever and for the better. You could say the Isle of Skye saved his life. This book, Volume 2 tells the continuing story of the author's years on Skye as he moved out of the family home and into Uig.

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