The Mahogany Pod : a memoir of endings and beginnings-9781912235933

The Mahogany Pod : a memoir of endings and beginnings

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'A work of literature: beautifully written, meticulously structured and heart-rending.' Observer; What if you knew from the beginning how your relationship was going to end? When Jill Hopper first met Arif, they were living in a shared house on the island of Osney in the River Thames. Surrounded by willow trees, birds and reflections, it was an idyllic home. But no sooner had they begun to fall in love than Arif was given the news that he had only a few months to live. Everyone told Jill to walk away, but she was already in too deep. Years later, Jill rediscovers Arif's parting gift - an African seedpod - and finally sets out to trace the elusive patterns that shaped their relationship. The Mahogany Pod is a tender and vital account of what it means to live, and love, fully.

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