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Baby Names 2021

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Choosing a name for your baby is really exciting - it can also feel like a huge decision that you're terrified of getting wrong!Never fear: we bring you the very latest news, trends and inspiration in Baby Names 2021. Thousands of inspirational names, including the UK's favourites (we're still big fans of Oliver and Olivia) and strangest choices (welcome to babies Rye and Zuzu). Trends for 2021, from gender-neutral choices (such as Alex, Max, Charlie) to our love of hyphens (think Lily-Mae or Alfie-James). On-screen inspo, as Aladdin enters the chart for the first time ever, and baby Nalas pounce up the rankings. Practical tips on choosing a name and dealing with family expectations (and other people's opinions). Predictions on next year's hottest names: think regal but contemporary - Archie, Harrison or Meghan?

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