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Details of Dinghy Building

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Whether she is to be rowed or sailed independently, or will be the tender to a larger vessel, nothing feels or looks quite like a traditional clinker-built dinghy, 'done right'. And those two words are the key to a boat which will truly grace the water, charm all who use or see her, and maintain her value. In Details of Dinghy Building Will Stirling painstakingly describes and illustrates the many arcane yet vital tasks which can daunt the beginning boatbuilder. Will has been building clinker dinghies professionally for many years and has made, and learned how to avoid, all the mistakes which lie in wait for the unwary. Take advantage of his experience, and some 'tricks of the trade', and draw inspiration from the many mouthwatering photographs of finished boats which punctuate the book. If you're building a boat, this textual guide and photographic reference will pay for itself many times over in the time, frustration and embarrassment it will save you. If you're not, you'll find it a fascinating verbal and visual window into a time-honoured traditional craft.

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