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Seat 7a

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Germany's king of the thriller takes to the skies with a terrifying and twisted new novel.You know your fear is irrational, you've checked the statistics. Flying is safer than driving - nineteen times safer. Irrational, perhaps. But you're not wrong. Mats Kruger is terrified of flying. But his daughter, Nele, is about to give birth to his first grandchild, so, for once, he's taking the risk and making the thirteen-hour flight from Buenos Aires to Berlin. Of course, he's taken precautions. He's bought the five statistically safest seats on the plane, as well as seat 7A - the spot where you are most likely to die in a plane accident - so no one can sit there. Just in case. But Mats has to give up seat 7A to another passenger. Moments later, he receives a phone call. Nele has been kidnapped. The caller has a single demand. Convince the pilot to crash the plane. Or Nele dies.

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