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Flowers of Languedoc

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This is like you, Philip, but have you truly thought it out? These are dangerous times. You would be hazarding everything, not only your estate and your favour with Louis but quite possibly your freedom, even your life. - Excerpt from Flowers of LanguedocIt is the last decade of the eventful 17th Century. It is also a period of constant war between William, the King of England and the French Sun King, Louis XlV, a situation half-French Philip Devalle finds trying as his loyalties are constantly divided. Weary of war and politics, Philip has a new plan. However, as always with Philip, things are never as simple as they seem and there are those who will not want him to succeed. Philip's latest enterprise, in the mountains and sunny slopes of Languedoc, will make him new enemies as he becomes involved in the plight of the French Huguenots and the struggle for power between two monarchs. He will need determination, ingenuity and courage, as well as his loyal friends, if he is to safeguard his inheritance and the future of his family. For these are uncertain years...

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