New KS3 Maths 10-Minute Weekly Workouts - Year 8-9781789085754

New KS3 Maths 10-Minute Weekly Workouts - Year 8

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This amazing Weekly Workouts book for Year 8 has stacks of bite-sized Maths workouts - one for each week of the school year! Each workout consists of a selection of warm-up questions, followed by more challenging questions and problem-solving activities. This book introduces Year 8 topics gradually, then re-tests them throughout the year - so it's perfect for helping students practise and remember everything they've learned! Answers to each Workout are included at the back of the book, alongside a helpful score sheet to record students' marks and keep track of their progress. We've also drawn up a handy Topic Map to explain where each topic from the curriculum appears in our Weekly Workouts, just in case your school teaches KS3 Maths in a slightly different order to our books - just follow the link inside the book.

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