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The Red Serpent

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It's a mad and violent world. They must be equal to it.Ex-gladiators Drust, Kag, and their brutal band are as dirt-ridden and downbeat as ever. Drawn to the Syrian frontier at the edge of the Roman world, they are presented with a mysterious riddle from old companions. In the scorching heat, schemes and rumours breed like flies on a corpse. To survive a deadly plot, Drust and his men must face all challengers along with Mother Nature's rage. Sometimes they'll run as fast as they can pray to the Gods. But sometimes they'll have to stand, and fight... Filled with gristle, gore and jaw-dropping action, perfect for fans of Giles Kristian, David Gilman and Conn Iggulden. Praise for Robert Low'A master of the storyteller's art' S. J. A. Turney, author of the Knights Templar series

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