Dover Strikes Again (A DCI Dover Mystery 6)-9781788422093

Dover Strikes Again (A DCI Dover Mystery 6)

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Detective Chief Inspector Wilfred Dover is the most idle and avaricious hero in all of crime fiction. Why should he even be bothered to solve the case? Sully Martin had probably been a picturesque English village before the earthquake nearly destroyed it. And construction tycoon Walter Chantry might have been taken for another of the many casualties if it hadn't come out that he had been strangled. This time Dover is in for much more than his usual share of the bother. For a start, the town's only hotel is unlicensed, and there's not a drop of booze to be had. But almost as alarming are the unmistakable signs that someone is actually out to kill Dover. Unless, that is, against all odds Dover strikes again. 'Something quite out of the ordinary.' - Daily Telegraph 'Joyce Porter is a joy... Dover is unquestionably the most entertaining detective in fiction.' - Guardian 'Plotted with the technique of a virtuoso.' - New York Times 'Wonderfully funny.' - Spectator 'Dover is wildly, joyously unbelievable; and may he remain so for our comic delight.' - Sun 'You will be fascinated by his sheer dazzling incompetence. Porter has a keen eye, a wicked sense of comedy, and a delightfully low mind.' - Harper's AUTHOR: Joyce Porter was born in Cheshire, England and educated at King's College, London. In 1949 she joined the Women's Royal Air Force, and, on the strength of an intensive course in Russian, qualified for confidential work in intelligence. Porter became best known for her series of novels featuring Detective Inspector Wilfred Dover.

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