The Nature Seed : How to Raise Adventurous and Nurturing Kids-9781788167970

The Nature Seed : How to Raise Adventurous and Nurturing Kids

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'A practical, no-nonsense guide to getting children back to nature ... Brilliant' Stephen Moss'A valuable practical guide to helping children form a kinship with nature' IndependentMany of us want to spend more time outside with our kids - but what do we do when we're there, and why is a connection to nature so important and wonderful anyway?The Nature Seed is a practical and philosophical guide for anyone with children in their lives. Full of the wonders of sharing the natural world with young minds, it's a manual for finding awe in the cracks of the pavement and magic on a stroll around the block. Whether on an urban walk or in an inner-city park, out in the woods or by the sea, Lucy weaves together stories of how a connection to nature helps children thrive, and Ken draws on his time working with kids outdoors to give you creative, easy and free child-led activities to deepen that connection, from wild art to simple fires, potions, foraging and make-believe. Wherever you live, The Nature Seed offers a radical vision of a new kinship with nature, one that will help all of us expand, nurture and deepen our wild life.

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