National Trust: Horses, Hens and Other British Farm Animals-9781788004114

National Trust: Horses, Hens and Other British Farm Animals

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A beautiful fact-filled sticker book perfect for nature lovers. The fifth in a glorious sticker book series created for the National Trust, this book is packed with facts about farmyard animals and their homes. With four pages of wildlife stickers and a spotter's guide to help identify favourite species, you can stick piglets into the pigsty, fill fields with sheep and their lambs, add an alpaca into the city farm, and much, much more. From tiny chicks to galloping horses, this is an excellent introduction to all types of farm animals for the very young. Other titles in the series include: Hedgehogs, Hares and other British Animals Robins, Wrens and other British Birds Sharks, Seahorses and other British Sea Creatures Beetles, Butterflies and other British Minibeasts Bluebells, Birch Trees and other British Plants

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