Lady of Shadows : A fantastical whodunit full of heart, plot, fun and magic-9781787476462

Lady of Shadows : A fantastical whodunit full of heart, plot, fun and magic

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'THRILLS THE READER WITH AN ENJOYABLE, BREAKNECK PLOT' GUARDIANDeath is simple. Dreams are dangerous. Life is . . . unexpected. Outlaw wizard Corcoran Gray expected death to be final, but life, and his loved ones, had other plans. A year after being resurrected and flung into a new body, he's still trying to come to terms with his situation - and his self - when the all-powerful Mages' Guild demands his help to stop a deadly plague. He's inclined to refuse the organisation that still wants him dead, until his partner Brix starts showing symptoms - to save her, Gray will do anything, even if it means working with his greatest enemies. But it quickly becomes clear that this is no normal plague. The situation is more complicated, and more lethal, than anyone has realised. Ancient dangers are stirring, and thousands of lives are at stake . . . In the gripping sequel to Lord of Secrets, Corcoran Gray returns to save his new life and everything he holds dear - he'll just need to battle mysterious plagues, magical monsters, and hellish necromancy first. 'TEINTZE SHOWS A RANGE OF SKILLS IN LADY OF SHADOWS BY MAKING A FANTASTICAL WHODUNIT, WITH TWISTS THAT KEEP YOU PULLING TOWARD THE FINALE' CHARLIE N. HOLMBERG, AUTHOR OF THE PAPER MAGICIAN'LADY OF SHADOWS SHOWS AN UPWARD TRAJECTORY NOT ONLY FOR THE CHARACTER, BUT FOR THE EMPTY GODS SERIES AS A WHOLE' SCIFINOW'GRAY IS THE KIND OF RELUCTANT HERO WIZARD WITH A HEART THAT I'D FOLLOW INTO THE APOCALYPSE AND LADY OF SHADOWS DELIVERS JUST THAT - AND MORE' KAI DOORE, AUTHOR OF THE PERFECT ASSASSIN

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