Cult Following : My escape and return to the Children of God-9781786580931

Cult Following : My escape and return to the Children of God

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Bexy Cameron was in her late 20s when the dark events of her past started to catch up with her. Born into the UK branch of the world's most notorious cult, Children of God, Bexy was 9 years old when she experienced her first exorcism. At 10, she was placed on Silence Restriction, allowed to speak to no one but her assigned leader for a whole year. Even from this early age, Bexy knew what was happening was not right. At 15, she realised she had to run away in order to survive. She escaped, leaving behind her parents and 11 siblings, and built a life for herself. But she remained haunted by questions about her past. Determined to find answers, Bexy set off on a road trip across America to explore the hold cults still have today, and to seek a way to make peace with her childhood. Devastatingly moving, brilliantly inspiring and utterly unforgettable, Cult Following is a searing memoir of survival, love and transformation.

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