The Syndicate : A gripping thriller about revenge and redemption-9781785765360

The Syndicate : A gripping thriller about revenge and redemption

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Gangs of London meets Kimberley Chambers in this gripping thriller of betrayal and survival in a world where one mistake could cost you everything. YOU THINK YOU'RE FREE, BUT THEY'LL NEVER LET YOU LEAVE . . . Twenty years ago, Jon Kavanagh worked for a crime syndicate. Then one night he made a mistake. He left a witness at a crime scene. Alive. Now, he is haunted by the memories of that young girl. Her face a constant reminder of the life he chose to leave behind. Time has passed and now he wants answers: What ever happened to her?Anna Hill is an aspiring singer, but the bars and clubs she works in are far from exciting. When she is given the opportunity to work in Portugal, she takes it. This is her chance to finally kick-start her career. But the job offer comes at a price; one that will endanger the lives of those she knows, and those she doesn't. Becoming involved with the Syndicate is risky, and Anna will need her instincts to work out who to trust - and who not to . . . 'One of my reads of the year' DAVID JACKSON'A gripping story that builds to a stunning conclusion. Kavanagh is a complex and original creation; a man haunted by his past and living on borrowed time' HOWARD LINSKEY'Truly sinuous suspense that when you think you've got it worked out, has a resolution that snaps back and bites' KATE BRADLEY

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