Photography with Tilt and Shift Lenses : Art and Techniques-9781785007712

Photography with Tilt and Shift Lenses : Art and Techniques

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Tilt and shift lenses offer tremendous creative possibilities for users of digital SLR and mirrorless cameras. This practical book explains the techniques that will help you take better photos - photos that don't distort or lose focus. Assessing the benefits and pitfalls of a range of lenses, adapters, software and editing techniques, it guides you through the practicalities of working with these lenses and gives you the skills to use them to best effect. With stunning examples throughout, this book gives an overview of the different lenses available, and tips on how adapters can give tilt/shift options when using old medium-format lenses. It gives advice on how simple lens shift can change the entire look of your photos, and techniques for using lens tilt for focus control and close-up working. Stunning examples show the use of tilt and shift lenses across a range of available focal lengths, both tripod-mounted and handheld.

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