Bestiary : The Selected Stories of Julio Cortazar-9781784875855

Bestiary : The Selected Stories of Julio Cortazar

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A collection of masterful short stories in Julio Cortazar's sophistocated, powerful and gripping style. 'Julio Cortazar is truly a sorcerer and the best of him is here, in these hilariously fraught and almost eerily affecting stories' Kevin BarryA grieving family home becomes the site of a terrifying invasion. A frustrated love triangle, brought together by a plundered Aztec idol, spills over into brutality. A lodger's inability to stop vomiting bunny rabbits inspires a personal confession. As dream melds into reality, and reality melts into nightmare, one constant remains throughout these thirty-five stories: the singular brilliance of Julio Cortazar's imagination. WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY KEVIN BARRY 'Anyone who doesn't read Cortazar is doomed' Pablo Neruda

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