Exit : The brilliantly funny new crime novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of SNAP-9781784164133

Exit : The brilliantly funny new crime novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of SNAP

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Perfect for fans of Richard Osman's The Thursday Murder Club, this is the page-turning, twisty, and often hilarious new crime novel from bestselling author Belinda Bauer. 'Quirky, charming, intensely human, important . . . and very suspenseful. I loved it.'Lee Child__________________'This ingenious and darkly comic mystery is an absolute delight and Felix is one of the most loveable fugitives ever created.'Sunday ExpressMeet Felix Pink. The most unlikely murderer you'll ever have the good fortune to spend time with. When Felix lets himself in to Number 3 Black Lane, he's there to perform an act of charity: to keep a dying man company as he takes his final breath . . . But just fifteen minutes later Felix is on the run from the police - after making the biggest mistake of his life. Now his world is turned upside down as he must find out if he's really to blame, or if something much more sinister is at play. All while staying one shaky step ahead of the law. __________'Fresh, funny, flawless. The best crime novel you'll read this year.'Clare Mackintosh'Bauer's judgement of tone is perfect throughout a captivating whodunnit that's often hilarious . . . beady-eyed yet tender, it resembles a collaboration between Agatha Christie and Muriel Spark.'Sunday Times__________________Readers are loving EXIT and the marvellous Felix Pink:'Another winner from this outstanding author who has a unique ability to blend crime with humour.''Felix Pink - one of the most adorably unexpected murderers in print.''A brilliantly entertaining crime read, with an ordinary pensioner at its heart, a Felix who managed to capture my heart.''It may seem a dark topic but Exit is anything but. Pure joy, honestly.''Despite being a crime novel, it is a charming book that encompasses themes of compassion, friendship, love and standing up for what you believe is right.''This is an exceptionally cleverly crafted novel. A fair amount of black humour, two love stories, quite a lot of gambling and some unlikely friendships.'

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