The Adventures of Isabel : An Epitome Apartments Mystery-9781782277392

The Adventures of Isabel : An Epitome Apartments Mystery

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Unique crimes call for unique detectivesWhen a good friend's beloved granddaughter is murdered, our ambisexual downsized-social-worker and her cat, Bunnywit, are enlisted to help solve the case. For the police, Madeline is just one more dead sex worker - so it is down to our hero and her friends to uncover what happened to her (though not the cat. The cat mainly sulks.)With humour, sarcasm and a good dose of irony, our protagonist swaggers through the mean streets of a Canadian city tracking down leads to get the bad guy. Aided by a love of mystery fiction the gang dives deep into the underbelly of city life. What at first seems an average street killing is actually the surface of a grandiose and glittering set of criminal schemes...

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