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Herriot the Caretaker Mouse

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Book 1 in the fun Magical Animal Cafe adventure series!Ellie and her mum are starting a new life in a new town and a very, very old building. They're opening a cat cafe, but there's a lot to do first - like welcoming the Andersons. Ellie doesn't want to share her home with strangers, especially Blake and his energetic puppy, Choccy. But when Ellie and Blake discover a magical old phone and a mouse determined to get rid of them, they'll have to find a way to all get along together. About the Magical Animal Cafe series:Join Ellie and Blake as they start new lives in a new town and a mysterious old building. They've only just met, but already they share a magical secret: they can talk to animals! That could prove useful with Ellie's mum opening a cat cafe, but the cafe is under threat from a greedy property developer - unless Ellie and Blake can stop him. With engaging illustrations and quirky talking animals, Magic Animal Cafe is perfect for animal lovers and young readers aged 7+.

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