The Concise Perrin Technique : A Handbook for Patients-9781781612064

The Concise Perrin Technique : A Handbook for Patients

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As an easily accessible companion to Raymond Perrin's The Perrin Technique 2nd Edition, this handbook provides the basics of the why and the how of the Perrin Technique so that ME/CFS and fibromyalgia sufferers who are severely fatigued and unable to read - or even hold - a 530 page book can still obtain the core information needed to understand the importance of good neurolymphatic drainage to health and to recovery. For a thorough understanding of the structural and neuro-immunological problems that can lead to myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, the comprehensive book is essential but for those who just want the basics - why they are ill, why they have the symptoms they have and what they need to do to get better - the Concise Perrin Technique offers illustrated, step-by-step guidance along with answers to the FAQs that Dr Perrin has encountered over 30 years of treating ME/CFS with manual technique.

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