Could it be Insulin Resistance?-9781781611579

Could it be Insulin Resistance?

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Do you have high cholesterol? And/or high blood pressure? Gallbladder problems? Perhaps a diagnosis of fatty liver? Are you tired all the time? Do you crave sweet snacks? Are your hormones in turmoil? Your doctor may have tested you for type 2 diabetes and found this is not a problem... yet. But you almost certainly already have its precursor - insulin resistance. Registered Nurse Hanna Purdy shares her long experience in Public Health Nursing, as well as with improving her family's health, to present this practical, evidence-based guide to what `insulin resistance' means, what causes it and what to do about it, including how to start a ketogenic diet, with the emphasis on the quality of food eaten and the impact good food can have on the body and mind. As she shows, insulin resistance is caused by chronic, sub-clinical inflammation and lies behind many common chronic illnesses that are now reaching epidemic levels even in children. Find out how to reverse it with an inflammation-reducing diet in an easy, sustainable way that is compatible with busy family life.

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