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Let's talk about the first year of parenting

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Becoming a parent is about so much more than just taking care of a baby - it involves changes in all areas of your life and it can be everything from fantastic and fulfilling to overwhelming and exhausting... sometimes all at once. It can be hard to work out what's normal and what's not, about everything from newborn baby behaviour, feeding and sleep, to your postnatal body, mental health, and relationships including who does the chores and who goes back to work and when. In this warm, reassuring and practical book, Amy Brown talks you through the first year of parenthood, helping you navigate some of the challenges caring for a newborn can bring for both parents. She focusses on you and your needs, while recognising that each family is unique, in a broad discussion that also tackles men's mental health and dads staying home, and the experiences of single parents and same-sex couples. The central focus is on making sure you get the information and support you need, whatever your circumstances.

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