There's No Pill for This : A Naturopathic Physician's Personal Prescription for Managing Multiple Sclerosis-9781603589727

There's No Pill for This : A Naturopathic Physician's Personal Prescription for Managing Multiple Sclerosis

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'An open, honest, and up-to-date guide, based on personal experience in addition to science, for people living with MS along with their caregivers.' -Library JournalFrom a doctor living with MS: how to dramatically improve your quality of life with diet, hormones, supplements, exercise, and other lifestyle adjustmentsMost of us take for granted the little things in life-like walking out to the mailbox, socialising with friends, or enjoying a cup of tea. But what if each daily activity required intensive planning and effort? That's what living with multiple sclerosis is like, and author Michael Friedman knows this from first-hand experience. Since his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis a decade ago, Dr. Friedman has been searching for a cure for the disease. After years of research, he realised that he had some of the answers right in his naturopathic medicine toolbox, and others, surprisingly, lay in the realm of conventional medicine. There's No Pill for This tells his story and offers treatment advice and hope to those who suffer from MS. He does not promise a miracle cure but instead provides the personal prescriptions he follows that are delaying the disease process and radically improving his quality of life, including dietary measures and supplements to support a healthy microbiome and hormone therapies that can reduce neuroinflammation and possibly promote neurorestoration. Dr. Friedman presents a daily protocol for MS patients, including diet, supplement, detoxification, and hormone strategies; mindfulness therapy; physical therapy; and a wide range of beneficial lifestyle adjustments related to exercise, sleep routines, time management, stress management, and more. He also offers special advice for supporting healthy bladder and bowel function and improving oxygen supply. In the book's conclusion, Dr. Friedman reflects on what this complicated chronic disease has taught him, and continues to teach him, about the value of humility and about what is truly important in life.

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