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The Amish Christmas Gift

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Christmas is a time for miracles in this heartwarming second chance Amish romance. After failing at teaching and waitressing, Elsie Miller just wants a job that puts her organizational skills to good use. So when her friend approaches her about working for her brother, Elsie is quick to agree. What could be better than managing Levi Wyse's life? The poor man can't even find an eraser when he needs one. She'd been a victim of his skills at losing things too many times to count. Like the time he misplaced her during a date. All Levi wanted in a receptionist was someone who could keep his toy-making business running smoothly and stay out of his hair. But Elsie--ex-girlfriend and love of his life--is everywhere. And thanks to her placing an advertisement in the local paper, he's busier than ever and required to spend more time in his workshop where he can't escape her. When an un-forecasted blizzard snows her in, Levi has the opportunity to appreciate everything Elsie does for him, and he starts to wonder if she might be the Christmas gift he's always wanted.

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