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The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer

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________________________________________AN UNSPEAKABLE CRIME When he was arrested in July 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer had a severed head in the refrigerator, two more in the freezer, two skulls and a skeleton in a filing cabinet. A DEPRIVED ACTBut if anything could be more disturbing than the brute horror of this scene, it was the evidence that Dahmer had been using these human remains not only for sexual gratification, but as part of a dark ritual of his own devising -- to furnish a shrine to himself. A KILLER, BEYOND OUR UNDERSTANDING________________________________________The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer offers a chilling insight into the mind of a serial killer and reveals the horrors within. Perfect for fans of Making a Murderer, Mindhunter and The Ted Bundy Tapes, this is a gripping and gruesome read that delves into the mind of a murder and what possesses someone to kill. __________By the author of Killing for Company, which was adapted into the hit ITV true crime drama DES, starring David Tennant. __________PRAISE FOR THE SHRINE OF JEFFREY DAHMER:'Irresistible. . . . It's subject is terrible and repellent. But the study itself is enlightening' Independent 'Unputdownable' Patricia Highsmith 'The persuasive account of a young man spiraling into unspeakable insanity . . . fascinating' Daily Telegraph

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