Funny Boy : A Novel in Six Stories-9781529110746

Funny Boy : A Novel in Six Stories

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'An extraordinarily powerful, deeply moving novel' Amitav GhoshNOW A MAJOR FILM ON NETFLIX In the world of his large family - affluent Tamils living in Colombo - Arjie is an oddity, a 'funny boy' who prefers dressing as a girl to playing cricket with his brother. But as Arjie comes to terms with his own homo-sexuality and with the racism of the society in which he lives, Sri Lanka is plunged into civil war as fighting between the army and the Tamil Tigers gradually begins to encroach on the family's comfortable life. Sporadic acts of violence flare into full scale riots and lead, ultimately, to tragedy. Written in clear, simple prose, Shyam Selvadurai's first novel is masterly in its mingling of the personal and political. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY NEEL MUKHERJEE

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