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Darling Saves a Koala Bear

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Climate change and social equality are red hot topics. Increasingly, parents are seeking appropriate ways for their young children to engage with these issues. Step forward The Tingalings. "Darling Saves A Koala Bear" is the first of five books in The Tingalings series. It is an inspiring picture book and rhyming story including beautiful illustrations. Vibrant colours printed on coated recycled paper. Five loveable creatures from Jupiter, an exciting climate adventure, a daring animal rescue, fun facts and simple climate solutions for little ones. The perfect way for parents to raise climate awareness in a fun and non-threatening way. All author profits used to inspire children living in poverty (www.mabelsenterprise.com). In "Darling Saves A Koala Bear", the Tingalings are on holiday and having a Tingtastic time! Whilst eating yummy ice cream sundaes and playing on the beach, a ghastly smell catches Smartling's attention. With smoke billowing from the nearby forest, the Tingalings jump to action and use their super powers to stop the fire. In an act of kindness, Darling thinks of cuddly koala bears, trapped high up in the trees and not able to escape. Together the Tingalings come up with a clever plan to scoop up their cuddly friends and deliver them to safety. Bumbling, a shy and indecisive creature has a special talent: thinking about the big picture! Bumbling wonders what caused the fire and realizes that fumes from planes and cars are trapping the sun's rays and heating the earth. So Bumbling proposes a fantastic solution to mini Earthlings: ride bikes more, go on fun hikes, and encourage Mum and Dad to share the car more. Earthling heroes respond in full. The forest fires vanish and trees recover. The koala bear thanks Darling with a big hug!Fun facts are provided on forests and koala bears, including a map of the world showing where our cuddly friends live. A must have for all inquisitive children! -- Mabel's Enterprise (Matt Henderson) * Darling Saves a Koala Bear *

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