Train Your Brain: Think Like an Engineer-9781526316523

Train Your Brain: Think Like an Engineer

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Help your child to develop their growth mindset as they discover how real engineers look at the world and how they think. Children's brains are powerful and flexible, but they need exercising and challenging to develop. In this book they will uncover the core skills that can make a good engineer great, and be encouraged to have a go at some simple activities to help them to train their brain to become better at applying outstanding engineering practice. By uncovering the way that real engineers look at the world and approach problems scientifically, they will be learning skills that will set them in good stead for life. Each topic is broken down into manageable chunks, so the reader can build up their skills and naturally develop their thinking. Each book contains biographies of four top engineers, and the humorous illustrations throughout help the reader to understand some of the trickier concepts. Ideal for students aged 8+ who are studying engineering or S.T.E.A.M. topics at key stage 2. Titles in this series:Think Like An AstronautThink Like An ArtistThink Like a CoderThink Like An EngineerThink Like A MathematicianThink Like A Scientist

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