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The Evolutionary Void

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They could find a bright future . . . or the end of everythingMillions of Leaving Dream pilgrims have boarded ships, and are speeding towards the Void at the centre of the galaxy. They are chasing their dream - and expect to find paradise. Yet breaching the Void will trigger its expansion, destroying everything in its path. Paula Myo is desperate to find Void's latest prophet - Second Dreamer Araminta. As without her, the ships can't enter the Void. But when Araminta finally chooses her path, it will change things in ways no one could have imagined. And within the Void, Edeard realizes the price of peace may be too high. However, what will this mean for the pilgrims - and the galaxy beyond?Following The Dreaming Void and The Temporary Void, The Evolutionary Void is an epic space opera and the conclusion to Peter F. Hamilton's Void trilogy, set in the world of the Commonwealth Saga.

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