The Heights : The new edge-of-your-seat thriller from the #1 bestselling author of The Other Passenger-9781471183485

The Heights : The new edge-of-your-seat thriller from the #1 bestselling author of The Other Passenger

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FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF OUR HOUSE, WINNER OF THE CRIME & THRILLER BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD, COMES A NAIL-BITING STORY OF REVENGE, OBSESSION AND VERTIGO. 'Impossible to resist, impossible to predict, impossible to put down... this is an author at the top of her game' Erin KellyHe thinks he's safe up there. But he'll never be safe from you. The Heights is a tall, slender apartment building among the warehouses of Tower Bridge, its roof terrace so discreet you wouldn't know it existed if you weren't standing at the window of the flat directly opposite. But you are. And that's when you see a man up there - a man you'd recognize anywhere. He's older now and his appearance has subtly changed, but it's definitely him. Which makes no sense at all since you know he has been dead for over two years. You know this for a fact. Because you're the one who killed him. 'Kieran Watts has been dead for over two years when I see him standing on the roof of a building in Shad Thames...'#CloseToTheEdge 'The Heights has everything you could possibly wish for - tragedy, obsession, revenge and, yes, love. Another finely-crafted masterpiece from Louise Candlish' BA Paris 'There's nothing quite so chilling as the roar of mother tiger love. Louise Candlish had my heart in my throat. Dizzily dark. Dangerous. Deadly' Jane Corry 'No one creates middle-class characters we love to hate quite like Louise Candlish. I'd expected her to do this, and to provide a great sense of place, and twists that would have been rifling through the book to see how they'd been done. What I wasn't expecting was that this thriller of obsessive revenge and intense parental grief would tug at my heartstrings. Smart, addictive, twisting, surprising. Highly recommended' Sarah Vaughan 'Tense, provocative and devastatingly powerful. I loved Our House but I think The Heights might be even better' TM Logan 'A beautifully written tale of destructive obsession and revenge, with Louise's trademark killer twist' Mark Edwards 'It twists and it turns and it twists again. The Heights by Louise Candlish is the very definition of a "just one more chapter" novel. I devoured it. And it's full of such great writing about the ferocity of maternal love' Hannah Beckerman 'Compelling, unexpected and beautifully written' Jane Fallon

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