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The Self-Isolation Activity Book

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'Extremely silly, fiendishly clever, genuinely helpful and very, very funny' Bruno Vincent, bestselling author of Five on Brexit IslandAre you stuck inside, bored out of your brain, desperate for things to do? Looking to fill the ever-diminishing gap between stopping drinking coffee and starting drinking booze? Has the incessant comforting warmth of your laptop on top of your lap started to genuinely freak you out? Then you need The Self Isolation Activity Book. Written by Ian Doors, a man who spent all of his time alone in his flat ages before you all started doing it. Packed full of quick and easy activities, including games, mental exercises and colouring in, as well as handy hints and kitchen cupboard food and drink tips, this is the only book you'll need to make the most of your time inside. Also, the last few pages can be ripped out and used as toilet paper. Can't help but feel like all other books are missing a trick there.

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