You Matter. : Learning to Love Who You Really Are-9781250209993

You Matter. : Learning to Love Who You Really Are

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You matter. Not because of what you earn or how you look or what you've achieved, but because you are inherently valuable. Author Matthew Emerzian takes this seemingly simple premise and shows readers how truly understanding their own worth will change every aspect of their lives. You Matter is a call to empathy and a joyous celebration of the value of each and every person. The book is structured into three sections, each of which expands the concept in ever widening ripples. In the first section, "I Matter," readers come to terms with their own worth; in "You Matter" that awareness expands to acknowledge and celebrate the value of the people around us; and finally, in "We Matter," Emerzian explores the power of a thriving community with those around us. Each chapter features exercises, journal prompts, and conversation starters to help readers dive deeper. Author Matt Emerzian is the founder of Every Monday Matters, a not-for-profit dedicated to spreading the message of self-worth and compassion to people throughout the world. Every week 1.2 million people - from elementary school children to employees at national corporations - engage with ideas and concepts from Every Monday Matters. You Matter is a manifesto of self-esteem and call to action for people to find their meaning and live fully - and change the world while doing so.

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