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Spanish Visual Dictionary For Dummies

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The must-have resource for your next trip to a Spanish-speaking destination Spanish is a fun, useful, and exciting language to learn and speak. But how can you get started when you don't know a "ciudad" (city) from a "cita" (appointment)? And how can you make sure you remember all those new words after you learn them? In Spanish Visual Dictionary for Dummies, you'll find practical guidance from the For Dummies experts that will stick with you long after you've closed the book. You'll be chatting like a native speaker in no time as you refer to the memorable photos and their accompanying English and Spanish words. Expand your Spanish vocabulary faster than you thought possible with topics arranged by themes, like transportation, getting around, restaurants and food, and handling emergencies. In this handy resource, you'll get: A simple and easy pronunciation guide to help you with sounds, rhythm, and intonation Hundreds of full-color images to help you communicate and remember useful ideas, phrases, and words Chapters organized by functional themes so you can quickly order food, find landmarks, and navigate from Point A to Point B Perfect for travelers and expats making their way around a Spanish-speaking country or neighborhood, the Spanish Visual Dictionary For Dummies is the must-have travel companion for Spanish beginners that will turn your next trip into an immersive adventure. Vamos! (Let's go!)

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