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Gamification Marketing For Dummies

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Grow your customer base with games!Gamification is the practice of adding elements of gameplay into marketing materials to better engage customers. In Gamification Marketing For Dummies, you'll learn to use this proven strategy to capture the attention of your target markets and boost your results using valuable gamification data. Games are fun! That's why gamification is so successful-customers will jump at the chance to play and win your custom-developed marketing game. You'll connect with your customers and create lasting memories. Whether or not you are digitally savvy, this book will teach you the basics of gamification, from choosing the right game to capturing the user behavior data that the game generates. Use games to increase customer engagement and marketing resultsLearn how to choose or commission the right games for your marketPlan and execute a successful gamification strategyLearn from data generated inside your game for valuable market insightsFrom simple strategies like customer loyalty programs to complex, branded, social game apps, this book will point in the direction of gamification that works for you.

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